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What is Doublo Gold?

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) energy can be focused in dermis and SMAS layer with damage free to the outer skin layer to lift the sagging or loosed skin tissue.

Doublo Gold uses HIFU as the treatment so after the procedure, you may feel the effect and you can go back to your daily life right away.

The hybrid system allows the machine to lift skin on the face and contour the body. It can deliver energy at different depths and frequency suitable for each treatment area. The machine is designed to deliver faster and more efficient shots up to 300 within 8 minutes.

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Doublo Gold Lifting Principle

Doublo Gold uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) energy to penetrate under 3~4.5mm of dermis layer and SMAS layer with damage free to your skin and creates a part of thermocoagulation smaller than 1mm.
Thermocoagulation occurs in 60 plus degree of high temperature as the principle this helps to contracts the sagging skin tissue and lifts up the skin. As a result, elastin and collagens are produced from skin reproduction reaction for 1~3 months constantly and the effect maintains.

*SMAS(Superficial Muscloaponeurotic System): Main panniculus carnosus causing sagging skin and wrinkles
*Dermis: Fibroblast of collagen cell and produce several types of collagens


Skin loses its plump and firm texture over time due to aging and sun damage. With Doublo Gold, it is possible to restore the youthfulness of skin with safe and non-invasive treatment. The upgraded features of the machine make it suitable for fat reduction too. It uses a high-intensity focused ultrasound system to lift and tighten skin or remove fat cells. Below are the benefits of getting the treatment.


Wrinkles and fine lines naturally develop on the skin due to aging and sun damage. The loss of collagen and elastin can leave skin prone to wrinkles and fine lines.  Doublo Gold reduces  the appearance of signs of skin aging.

The treatment can activate natural collagen production, which tightens skin and makes it plumper. The machine helps continuously improve skin up to a year. The treatment is also considerably safer and but just as effective as surgical  procedures.


Sagging can happen to the skin as it loses elasticity, which is affected by collagen and elastin levels. Doublo Gold lifts up the face in areas that are experiencing sagging. The treatment naturally rejuvenates skin without surgery.

The treatment activates continuous collagen production for 90-180 days. It helps give skin a thicker and smoother texture and the maximum effects can be seen within 3-6 months and even up to a year. Skin also lifts visibly even after just the first treatment.


The hybrid system allows the usage of machines for skin all over the body too. Doublo Gold targets the deeper layers of skin. In fact, the machine is the only tfIFU machine that can target the deepest layer, the SMAS layer to effectively lift the face.

Targeting this layer helps produce maximum results as it plays a role in muscle contraction. It causes contraction of muscles, which reshapes skin for a tighter appearance. The treatment is a great solution for wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging.


Other than non-invasive facelift and skin tightening, Doublo Gold can be used to reduce fat on treated areas, giving your body a slimmer and more contoured appearance. The machine uses ultrasound technology to heat the target area and remove fat cells.

The ultrasound energy heats tissues under the skin, which can remove fat cells from the targeted area. This reduces the size of treated areas while giving the body a more contoured appearance. The procedure is non-invasive and has no downtime at all.


Doublo Gold is the newest generation of high-intensity focused ultrasound machine. It delivers faster energy shots, which speeds up treatments. The machine is used to tighten skin or lift up sagging areas. tfIFU also works for body contouring, which is useful on stubborn fatty areas such as the belly and hips. Read below how the machine works and its features.

The effect of Doublo gold can be seen after 1-2 simple treatments.

Doublo gold procedure is usually painless but depends on individual differences of the patient.

Recovery period is short and patient may get back to normal daily life activities immediately.

Improvement of elasticity may be noticeable immediately after Doublo gold procedure and changes can be seen gradually.



When skin loses elasticity it becomes thinner, making it more prone to wrinkles and signs of aging. Doublo Gold targets the SMAS layer, which causes muscle contractions. The results last longer because the muscles contract and tighten, which makes the surface firmer and tighter. The treatment delivers visible, immediate results even just after the first treatment.


Skin laxity is a common concern that happens due to natural aging, prolonged sun exposure, and free radicals. To restore the plump and smooth texture of skin, tfIFU treatment targets the tissues under the skin. This causes controlled damage that can induce the natural healing of skin. Treatment stimulates continuous collagen production, which can tighten skin.


Wrinkles and fine lines are signs of aging that develops on skin as it loses collagen and elasticity. Doublo Gold stimulates natural skin healing and collagen production, which can plump up skin for a smoother, tighter, and firmer texture. As skin becomes plumper and firmer, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines are reduced.

Collagen regeneration

HIFU treatment theory

Convenient treatment system

by Foot switch, by Hand piece
Technology trend

Advantages of HIFU over RF and laser

Number of Treatment 1 Time 4~5 Times 5 Times
Treatment Time 8 Min 30 Min 10~15 Min
Effect Durability 18 Months 1 Month 2~3Months
Depth SMAS (1.5/3.0/4.5/13mm) Below 3mm 1.5mm

How experts say

Hailing is good to patients as well as a doctor because the surgical operation speed festinates keeping safety and correct surgical operation to be using by double gold following equipment by existing double and served as a momentum that use clientele is popularized because clientele is expanded

Kim Ji Hoon Department of Dermatology / KOREA

Dr. Ji Hoon Kim

The exclusivity and success of the Doublo Face Lifting treatment lies in the principle that among non-invasive treatments it can reach deepest, has an effect on the muscle, fat and dermis at the same time, well-tolerated and requires only 1 session. Among other HIFU devices Doublo is outstanding for reliability, stabile energy generation, even coagulation point sequence and precise ultrasound imaging. In the next years HIFU treatments will gain large popularity among patients looking for fast and non-invasive face, neck, arm or décolleté rejuvenation and lifting and Doublo will be the best choice for this booming sector.

Dr. Ildiko Vamossy

Doublo has become my treatment of choice. This non-invasive approach shows some immediate results that patients like. While they know that it will take about three months for the results to consolidate, patients appreciate the natural appearance of outcomes.

Plastic Surgeon in Munich, GERMANY and Padova, ITALY

M.D. Ute Bauer.